Acer Swift X 14 (2023) review

The Acer Swift X series, known for its ability to deliver superior laptop performance within a smaller and more portable 14-inch design, has been in existence for several years now. The initial investment provided favorable returns; however, subsequent challenges arose. The recently released Acer Swift X 14 demonstrates a commendable advancement in terms of noteworthy computational power, yet it still warrants consideration regarding its battery longevity.

Design & build

Although the Acer Swift X 14 may not immediately grab attention, it is still an appealing laptop overall. The laptop’s exterior is gunmetal in color and has a subtle sparkle to its finish. However, the overall design of the laptop is ordinary and lacks uniqueness. If you want your friends to take notice of your new computer, avoid purchasing this laptop.

The exterior of the Swift X 14 comprises a combination of plastic and metal materials, which demonstrates satisfactory yet unremarkable performance once more. The structural integrity of the laptop’s lower portion is commendable, exhibiting a formidable robustness in its handling, while the display exhibits minimal flex during both opening and closing. However, it is worth noting that the materials employed lack the substantial and resilient sensation characteristic of Apple’s MacBook Pro devices.

However, the Swift X 14 demonstrates a compact design in relation to its specifications, in the context of being a laptop. The laptop’s dimensions measure a mere 12. 9 inches in width and a slim 0. 7 inches in thickness, making it a compact device. Furthermore, its weight of 1. 5 kilograms is relatively light in comparison to other laptops of the 14. 5-inch category This information is advantageous for individuals seeking a laptop with high-performance hardware that remains conveniently portable for expedient transportation within a local vicinity.

Keyboard & trackpad

Acer offers a sufficiently commodious and ergonomically designed keyboard for the Swift X 14 model. The keyboard possesses a conventional structure, featuring an expansive layout accommodating generously sized keys. However, it should be noted that the Ctrl and Alt keys on the left side are comparatively diminutive. The keyboard, which is centrally aligned and placed in a rear position on the laptop, provides generous palm resting space.

Key feel is strong, as well, with long travel and a fresh bottoming activity. There’s room to assist move forward key feel, as the bounce back activity feels a bit dubious to my fingers, but this can be nitpicking. The console feels extraordinary whereas touch-typing and demonstrated comfortable.

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I can too joyfully report that Acer’s unused Quick X 14 fixes a individual pet peeve I’ve commented on with a few later Acer tablets: the console is dark, instead of silver or dark. The differentiate of a dark key wrap up against a silver or gunmetal chassis gives a premium see, so I’m cheerful to see Acer make this alter.

The open touchpad is another quality. It measures generally five and a half inches wide by three inches profound, giving bounty of space for Windows 11’s multi-touch signals. Acer too serves up a comfortable, lavish, and responsive glass wrap up that feels brilliant to utilize. As genuine of the console, the Quick X 14 doesn’t overcome its hardest competitors, but it’s a awesome involvement for the cost.

Display & audio

The Acer Swift X 14 equipped with Nvidia RTX 4050 graphics exhibits a 14. 5-inch OLED display boasting a resolution of 2,880 x 1,800, and an impressive maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. This scree is of exceptional quality, boasting an appearance that remains aesthetically pleasing regardless of the content it accommodates.

The OLED panel of the Swift X 14 exhibits a commendable attribute of contrast, adhering to the conventional superiority of such panels. The display exhibits an exceptionally high and virtually infinite contrast ratio, capable of reaching zero nits of luminance for displaying dark content. This technology offers exceptional intricacy in dimly lit and obscure scenes, as well as an exceptional perception of dimensionality in more vibrant and dynamic visual content. This feature renders it ideal for the purposes of cinematography, streaming visual entertainment content, and engaging in interactive gaming experiences. The Acer Swift X 14 exhibits a notable advantage over devices featuring IPS LCD displays of lower contrast capability.

The colour performance of the display is commendable, with a wide coverage of 100% of DCI-P3 and 94% of AdobeRGB colour gamut. These findings exemplify the regular performance of an OLED panel found in contemporary laptops, boasting commendable attributes that surpass the pinnacle LCD laptop displays utilizing IPS technology. The content which possesses a diverse range of colors appears highly vivid, while the display’s accuracy in reproducing colors is deemed adequate for the purposes of editing photos and videos.

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The luminosity of the display is a notable drawback, given its maximum brightness of 365 nits and glossy coating. The display demonstrates usability even in a strongly illuminated environment, such as a well-lit room or in close proximity to a window exposed to sunlight; however, it should be noted that the presence of glare from a light source positioned directly behind the user can introduce distracting factors. High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology has the capability to elevate the brightness level to 522 nits, albeit not reaching the peak brightness of 700 nits that can be achieved by a Mini-LED laptop such as the Razer Blade 16. Nevertheless, this increase in brightness is significant and enhances the impact of HDR content.

The display’s peak refresh rate of 120Hz, coupled with OLED’s minimized pixel response times, contributes to an exceptional level of motion clarity within gaming contexts. Objects with high velocity exhibit clear details, while camera panning at a rapid speed effectively avoids yielding blurred images. Text that is small and swift or objects that are tiny and intricate will continue to appear somewhat indistinct, although this phenomenon is common among all displays with a refresh rate below 240Hz.

Although the display exhibits exceptional quality, the speakers display a mediocre performance. The aforementioned speakers offer superior sound amplification capability and are positioned in proximity to the keyboard. Consequently, they avert any potential distortion of sound quality that may occur when the laptop is put to use on one’s lap. Nevertheless, these headphones provide a limited audio spatiality and may experience auditory distortion when low-frequency elements infiltrate a musical composition. The acoustic performance of the speakers exhibits a considerable degree of similarity to the majority of 14-inch laptops currently accessible in the market. However, they fall marginally short when compared to the top-tier options within their category.

Webcam, microphones & biometrics

The Swift X 14 from Acer incorporates a 1080p webcam within its sleek top bezel. The aforementioned product delivers a high-quality, sharp visual representation accompanied by well-rendered colors, thereby presenting a notable improvement in comparison to the majority of laptops equipped with a 720p webcam. Although not the most exceptional 1080p webcam I have assessed, comparative offerings from Lenovo and Apple tend to outperform it. Nevertheless, this webcam is highly effective for utilization in Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and various other video conferencing applications.

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The camera is accompanied by a dual-microphone array. The performance of the device is relatively modest, given that the quality of audio recordings is not exceptionally remarkable or crystal clear, although it is sufficiently satisfactory for video and audio conferencing purposes. In an academic context, the sentence could be rewritten as follows: The audibility of your voice will be notably enhanced, effectively masking the majority of background noises; however, it is to be expected that any sounds originating from the same room as yourself will tend to permeate through.

The Swift X 14 model from Acer does not offer support for biometric login functionality. This slight drawback can be identified, considering that numerous competitors of the laptop provide either a biometric fingerprint reader, facial recognition authentication, or both options.


The Acer Swift X 14 offers a commendable amalgamation of contemporary and traditional connectivity options, which generally surpasses those provided by numerous comparable laptops in the market.

A duo of USB4 / Thunderbolt 4 ports encompasses a comprehensive range of contemporary peripherals and gadgets. Both devices are equipped with the capability to support DisplayPort Alternate Mode and also provide an ample amount of USB Power Delivery, matching the maximum power provisioned by the laptop’s power brick, which is 100W. This implies that either of the ports can be utilized for external monitor connectivity or for charging the laptop.

The presence of conventional USB-A ports, an HDMI interface, and a combined headphone/microphone audio jack accommodates compatibility with older peripheral devices. In addition, the inclusion of a MicroSD card reader proves to be advantageous for individuals in possession of devices, such as handheld gaming consoles or cameras, that require the utilization of this particular memory card format.

One aspect that Acer could improve upon is the placement of the ports. The Acer Swift X 14 is characterized by the positioning of its ports in proximity to the laptop’s center, as opposed to being situated towards the rear. As a consequence, the utilization of wired connections may appear somewhat awkward and result in a significant occupation of desk space.

However, the connectivity of the Swift X 14 is exceptionally good. Several competitors offer USB4 / Thunderbolt 4 connectivity, although the majority do not include both USB-A and HDMI ports. Acer, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by including a MicroSD slot as an additional feature.