Digital Survival Kit: 9 Online Tools Every UF Student Needs


UF elearning system

UF eLearning system uses canvas as the learning management system at the University of Florida.

It is one of the most important tools you need as you’ll use it to view your current courses on the dashboard, submit assignments & many more.

You can join a meeting both through and through your Canvas course in e-Learning.

UF qualtrics

If you’re into research and surveys, you’ll need UF Qualtrics services. Qualtrics is a robust, sophisticated service for creating and delivering web-based surveys.

With qualtrics, You can pull questions from professionally designed surveys as well as create your own library of questions, surveys, messages, and media.

As a UF student, you can access qualtrics by logging into your student portal.

UF all access

UF All Access is a digital textbook program that offers discounted prices on commercial publisher textbooks.

As a University of Florida student, you will receive your course materials digitally at a discount before the first day of class, with the ability to opt-out of the program.

Cool, right?

The digital textbooks come with study tools, including search, highlighting, and note-taking. Read my guide on how to access the UF all-access program.

With digital textbooks and materials through UF All Access, you will get instant access, carry a lighter bookbag, and save 50% or more over printed books.

UF apps

UF Apps is a great tool to access applications you do not personally own nor able to install on your own device.

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The list of apps ranges from Photoshop (and other Adobe products) to Grammarly.

By using these applications through the Citrix Receiver, you will have access to a fully-featured set of applications with a native-like feel.

One UF

If you need an electronic portal where you can access self-service applications on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, it’s ONE UF.

UF One services include Time Approval, Campus Finances, Schedule of Courses, Grades, Registration, Drop/Add, My Schedule, degree audit, and much more.

Example: You can view your UF degree audit by visiting One UF and clicking on Degree Audits under “My Online Services” on the left-hand menu. Check out UF Library Guide.


MyUFL is the university of Florida’s portal to a variety of online services. To access MyUFL, you need a Gatorlink account.

A GatorLink account is used to access campus systems, including myUFL, One UF, UF wireless, and many more.

Every current Student must have a GatorLink username and password.

UF webmail

As a student of the University of Florida, it is necessary to log in and check your UF email account regularly.

This is because, important news, events, responses to requests or questions, UF Canvas access, etc., and other important notifications are sent via your UF Webmail account.

UF gpa calculator

One essential tool you need as a UF student is the GPA calculator.

To calculate your GPA, type in the number of credit hours earned for a course in the first column. Tab to the second column to type in the letter grade earned.

Your grade points will automatically be calculated. Repeat this process for all of your grades. Click Compute at the bottom to total your credits, GPA, deficit points, and total GPA.

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UF VPN service provides secure remote access to the University of Florida network and makes it appear as if your computer were physically attached to the campus network.

By using the Gatorlink VPN client, you may access resources on the UF network that are not typically available over an Internet path and this can be helpful in your research processes.