TANROADS, which stands for Tanzania National Roads Agency, is a government agency in the United Republic of Tanzania responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the country’s road network. Established in 2000, TANROADS plays a crucial role in Tanzania’s infrastructure development, aiming to improve transportation and connectivity across the nation.

Key functions and responsibilities of TANROADS include:

1. **Road Infrastructure Development:** TANROADS is tasked with the construction and rehabilitation of roads and bridges across Tanzania. This includes both urban and rural road networks, aiming to improve accessibility and safety.

2. **Maintenance and Repairs:** The agency is responsible for the maintenance and repair of roads and bridges to ensure that they remain in good condition. This is essential for the safety of road users and to prevent further deterioration of infrastructure.

3. **Planning and Design:** TANROADS is involved in the planning and design of new road projects. They assess the feasibility, environmental impact, and technical requirements of proposed road projects.

4. **Monitoring and Evaluation:** The agency monitors the performance and condition of the road network through regular assessments. This helps in identifying areas that need immediate attention and planning for future upgrades.

5. **Road Safety:** TANROADS is also actively involved in promoting road safety. This includes setting and enforcing traffic regulations and conducting campaigns to raise awareness about safe road usage.

6. **Capacity Building:** TANROADS is committed to building local capacity in road construction and maintenance. This includes training and skill development programs for Tanzanian professionals in the field of road engineering and management.

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7. **Public-Private Partnerships:** TANROADS collaborates with various stakeholders, including the private sector and international donors, to finance and execute road development projects. Public-private partnerships have played a significant role in the expansion and improvement of Tanzania’s road infrastructure.

TANROADS has regional offices across Tanzania to oversee road projects at the local level. These regional offices play a vital role in ensuring that infrastructure development aligns with regional needs and priorities.

The agency’s efforts have contributed to enhanced economic growth and development in Tanzania by improving the transportation of goods and people, reducing travel times, and increasing road safety. Additionally, better road networks have facilitated access to remote areas, improved healthcare delivery, and supported agriculture and trade.

TANROADS continues to play a central role in Tanzania’s infrastructure development, supporting the nation’s progress by enhancing connectivity, fostering economic growth, and ensuring safer and more efficient transportation for its citizens.


EMPLOYER Wakala ya Barabara Tanzania (TANROADS)

APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2023-10-24 2023-11-06


i. To undertake road inventory, condition and traffic count surveys;

ii.To investigate sources and quality of construction materials along the roads;

iii.To identify sources of road accidents

iv.To attend regular site meetings and prepare minutes;

v.To supervise contractor at site and force account operations; and

vi.To perform such other related duties as may be assigned by Supervisor.


Holders of Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following fields: Civil Engineering, Highway Engineering, Transportation Engineering or equivalent from a recognized Institution.
Must be registered by ERB as Graduate Engineer.

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REMUNERATION Attractive remuneration package