German Humboldt Research Fellowships 2024: Free German Study

Humboldt Research Fellowships for the batch of 2024 academic session started enrolling applicants in partner universities. I should tell you this that humboldt Research Scholarship funding will be awarded to those international students who want to participate in a doctoral or postdoctoral research program in Germany.

Therefore, all of you who are interested in applying for this German fellowship should select a German university, college, or research institution for their research in order to apply for Humboldt fellowships 2024. These fellowships will be awarded for a period of time ranging from six to twenty-four months and will allow researchers to carry out postdoctoral research in a German institution.

Applicants are chosen for the fellowship based on their academic scores, the number of research publications they have, their language skills, and a comprehensive evaluation of their candidacy. Additionally, candidates have the freedom to choose the research area in which they wish to conduct their research as well as the topic of their research. As a result, only about thirty percent of all applications make it to the final stage and are considered for this Humboldt fellowship.

Coverage Allowances of Humboldt Research Fellowships:

This fellowship, which is known as the Humboldt Fellowship in Germany, provides postdoctoral students with financing of 2,650 Euros per month, while experienced researchers get funding of 3,150 Euros per month. In addition to this, this fellowship provides the following benefits:

  1. Before the fellowship winner begins their studies in Germany, they will be required to complete a language course that will last between two and four months and will take place at an institution that only teaches in German. It is possible to extend an invitation to participate in a language course to the recipient’s spouse or significant other as well.
  2. An invitation to participate in conferences and symposiums that are relevant to research.An stipend for the candidate’s spouse or domestic partner in the amount of 345 Euros. Each kid of the winner of the fellowship will get a monetary award of 274 euros.
  3. An allowance of 400 Euros per month will be provided to single parents for the first child in their household. One hundred Euros will be added to the total for every kid beyond the first that the recipient already has.
  4. A research grant in the amount of 800 Euros will be awarded to the institution that will be hosting the winner of the grant.
  5. This grant will support investigation into the domains of engineering and the natural sciences. The value of the subsidy will be five hundred euros (EUR), and it will be designated for research in the humanities and social sciences.
  6. If a researcher definitely has to travel to a European nation for the purpose of their study, then they will be eligible for a stipend that will enable them to conduct their research in any other European country but their own.
  7. However, this stipend will only be awarded to those researchers who absolutely need to go to a European country.
    coverage for the fellowship recipient’s travel costs in the event that such costs are not being met by another party, either directly or indirectly.
  8. A stipend given to the candidate’s host institution to cover the costs of undertaking research.
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Criteria for Acceptance into the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program Are as Follows:

The following descriptions provide details on the qualifying requirements for this Humboldt Research Fellowship:

  1. This scholarship is intended for students from other countries who do not currently reside or work in Germany.
  2. Research experience or a PhD or doctoral-level degree, or its equivalent, is required of applicants.
  3. They are required to have research articles that have been examined by other researchers, in accordance with the worldwide standards for research and publishing.
    They need to have a list of academic and research papers included in their personal research profile.
  4. Applicants who are independent researchers but do not have a Ph.D. in their field are required to have a significant amount of years of experience doing research.
  5. They must be completely proficient in either English or German, but not both.

To Apply for a Humboldt Research Fellowship, You Will Need the Following Documents:

  1. A current copy of the candidate’s résumé, which should not be more than two pages.
  2. A summary of the research (this shouldn’t be more than two pages long).
  3. A list of each and every one of the candidate’s publications that is exhaustive and exhaustive in its coverage.
  4. A listing of important publications in their respective fields.
    a copy of the doctoral certificate
  5. Certificate demonstrating fluency in a language (available in either German or English).
  6. A letter from the institution that will host the applicant indicating that research facilities are available for the candidate to use
  7. Reviews from at least two qualified specialists.
  8. publications in German or English that are translations of other publications that are not originally written in either of these languages.
  9. Acceptance letter to be sent.
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Process of Application for Humboldt Research Fellowships:

Number of Awards:

There are at least 500 scholarships to be awarded. Potential applicants are welcome to apply at any time of the year. Applicants can be domestic and international students.

Application Process:

Interested candidates can submit their applications through the website of the Humboldt Foundation, the link of which is given below the article.

Applicants have to be in agreement about their research outline and the duration of it with their host institution. Their application must include a statement by their host institution confirming the availability of research facilities to the candidate. The application (fully completed) should be submitted at least four months earlier than the selection date.

The length of the Humboldt Fellowship is as follows:

The following is an outline of the period of the Humboldt fellowship:

  1. Postdoctoral applicants often have to wait between 6 and 24 months.
  2. 6–18 months for those who do their own study independently.

Application Deadline for Humboldt Fellowships:

Applications for the Humboldt fellowship can be submitted at any time during the year, and the Humboldt fellowship committee evaluates and awards the fellowship throughout the year. Candidates, however, should make sure that their application is accompanied by all of the required documentation before submitting it.