JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard review

The review highlights that the keyboard represents a commendable endeavor by JLab in manufacturing a wireless keyboard positioned within the mid-range market segment. The device possesses a high level of convenience and is characterized by its lightweight feature, facilitating portability. The keyboard is equipped with membrane scissor switches that are illuminated by a soft white LED backlighting. Although not comparable in terms of tactility to top-tier mechanical keyboards, individuals who prefer membrane keyboards may likely find them quite favorable. The key travel distance is a mere 1. 8mm; however, the actuation of the keys provided a satisfactory level of responsiveness, resulting in minimal occurrence of typing errors during the keyboard testing phase. Nevertheless, it is widely acknowledged by numerous gamers that gaming keyboards offer a superior level of accuracy when compared to other input devices.

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard is available for purchase at a price of $69 in the United States and £69. 99 in the United Kingdom⁴.

Design & build

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard is a wireless keyboard with a moderate price range. It possesses the capability to effortlessly transition between three simultaneous connections, including smartphones. Moreover, it boasts multiple buttons that can be reconfigured according to user preference and is equipped with a dedicated volume wheel to facilitate manual control over audio settings1. The object exhibits a foundation with a metallic gray hue, complemented by keys made of black plastic material. The keyboard possesses a mass of 783g and has dimensions of ‎42. 88 x 1433 x 157 cm^3 The keyboard is comprised of a total of 108 keys. The keyboard demonstrates a high level of comfort, which remains consistent even during prolonged periods of use.

The keyboard is equipped with a USB-A port to accommodate supplementary devices. One is able to establish a connection either through the employment of Bluetooth 5. 2 or by means of utilizing the wireless 2. 4 GHz dongle1 The keyboard is equipped with a feature that facilitates silent operation of the keys.

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Connection & performance

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard is a multi-device wireless keyboard that offers a sleek design, customizable settings, and a long-lasting battery. It can connect to various devices via Bluetooth or USB wireless dongle, and switch between them easily with a simple toggle. It also has a smart media knob that allows quick control of audio functions. Here are some of the features and benefits of the JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard:

  • Connection: The keyboard can pair with up to three devices using Bluetooth 5.2 or USB wireless dongle. It supports Windows, iOS/Mac, Android, and Chrome OS operating systems. It also has a custom desktop app that lets you program hotkeys and save profiles for different applications and scenarios .
  • Performance: The keyboard has a full-sized layout with 108 backlit keys, including a number pad and shortcut keys. The keys are soft touch and quiet, with a rounded shape that matches the fingertips. The keyboard also has a metal base and a stylish finish that gives it a premium look and feel 12.
  • Battery: The keyboard has a rechargeable battery that lasts for more than two years on a single charge, according to the manufacturer. It also has a low battery indicator and an auto-sleep mode to conserve power .

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard is a versatile and durable wireless keyboard that can enhance your productivity and entertainment. It has received positive reviews from users and critics alike, who praised its design, functionality, and battery life 3. If you are looking for a wireless keyboard that can connect to multiple devices and offer custom settings, you might want to check out the JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard.

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Battery life

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard embodies a wireless functionality wherein it facilitates connectivity to numerous devices through the employment of Bluetooth technology or a USB wireless dongle. The product demonstrates a streamlined and lightweight configuration, accompanied by keys with a soft tactile response and a smart media knob for convenient adjustment of audio volume, screen brightness, and miscellaneous functionalities. The application also offers a flexible interface, allowing users to personalize their experience by creating individual profiles and modifying preferences as desired.

A notable characteristic distinguishing the JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard lies in its enduring battery longevity. As per the manufacturer’s specifications, the keyboard is equipped with a 2,000mAh battery, which, depending on various factors such as usage patterns and backlight settings, can sustain operation for a duration of six months when charged once . The keyboard additionally incorporates a battery indicator, which visually displays the current power level and provides notifications when it becomes necessary to initiate the recharging process. In order to replenish the keyboard’s power supply, one can employ the USB-C to USB-A cable enclosed within the packaging .

The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard has garnered favorable reviews from both users and critics, who have commended its superior construction, ergonomic design, impressive functionality, and cost-effectiveness . Nevertheless, certain limitations were observed, including the absence of modifiable height, wrist support, and mechanical switches . Moreover, certain users have expressed dissatisfaction with the app’s information dissemination and functionality .

In summary, the JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard represents a highly favorable choice for individuals seeking a wireless keyboard capable of seamless connectivity with multiple devices and an extensive lifespan between recharges. The product provides a seamless and noiseless keyboarding encounter, a multi-functional media control dial, and an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic configuration. Nevertheless, it might not be appropriate for individuals who favor keyboards with enhanced ergonomics or specialized for gaming purposes.

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The JLab Epic Wireless Keyboard is characterized by its ability to connect to multiple devices wirelessly and its elegant design, equipped with a convenient media knob and customizable shortcut keys. The device possesses the capability to establish a connection either through Bluetooth or a USB wireless dongle, and allows for seamless switching between three pre-saved devices. Additionally, the device is equipped with a rechargeable battery that exhibits a battery life exceeding a period of two years.

The keyboard possesses a metallic base and encompasses a comprehensive arrangement of 108 keys, conforming to the specifications typically observed in academic discourse. The keyboard keys are equipped with soft white LED backlighting and are designed with a subtly concave shape to ensure comfortable and ergonomically sound typing experience. The keyboards are equipped with membrane scissor switches, which possess qualities of being comparatively silent and quick in response, although they may not offer the same level of tactile sensation as mechanical switches. The key travel measures 1. 8 mm, indicating a relatively concise distance covered by each keystroke.

The keyboard is equipped with a media knob that facilitates expedient manipulation of audio functionalities, including volume adjustment, play/pause, skipping tracks, and muting. The media knob is composed of a metallic material and exhibits a gratifying audible response upon being depressed. The keyboard is equipped with easily accessible shortcut keys that can be customized to execute diverse functions within various applications. The JLab Work Application provides users with the ability to generate a maximum of three distinct profiles and easily transition between them based on the intended objective. The following are the specification of

  • Grey/black colourway
  • 42.88 x 14.33 x 1.57 cm
  • 783g
  • 108 keys
  • 2.4 GHz wireless dongle and Bluetooth 5.2 connection
  • Supports up to three devices
  • USB-C charging
  • 2,000mAh battery