Latest Canadian Jobs 2024 for Foreign Job Seekers With Work VISA


You may have no trouble finding work in your nation in your chosen field; yet, if I were to tell you that you could earn twice or even four times as much money, in addition to additional allowances, and have a much higher quality of life, I believe you would start asking me how on earth anything like that could possibly be conceivable.

As a result of this, I decided to do research and write this post just for you. It will provide you with important information that will enable you to locate a job in Canada that pays really well and also provides other benefits, such as salary allowances, a housing facility, and much improved living conditions, educational opportunities, and medical services.

In this article, I highlighted four major industries and areas in Canada that are massively capturing international skilled, qualified, and experienced workers with sponsorship of Canadian work visas in 2024 via various immigration programs such as express entry, Atlantic immigration, and various other provincial immigration programs. These industries and areas are attracting international workers because they offer sponsorship of Canadian work visas.

 Employment Opportunities in Canada’s Construction Sector

As you are aware, construction workers are in high demand everywhere these days due to population growth, which is causing an increase in the demand for residential and commercial projects. However, as a result of this, construction companies are facing shortages of labor, civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, surveyors, and construction managers in all provinces across Canada. If you ask me where you can look for jobs in the construction industry in Canada, then I will tell you to start your search online. If you are looking for jobs in the United States,

  1. Construction firms Turner Construction Company
  2. Euro Canadian Construction Corp.
  3. Construction and Engineering Work Done By Graham Inc.
  4. Construction companies Ryan Murphy Inc.
  5.  MGI Construction Corp.
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 Banking Positions Available in Canada

I was very shocked to read the news that Canadian banks are in deep waters now because they are unable to find enough skilled or qualified staff for hiring, and this instantly got me thinking that this situation is going to be a big opportunity for my international job seeking audience to find banking related jobs in Canada; as a result, the following are those six large banks in Canada that are now hiring staff on an urgent basis:

  1. Bank of Canada
  2. A reference to the Bank of Montreal
  3. Bank of Commerce and the Imperial of Canada
  4. It’s the Bank of Nova Scotia, of course.
  5. Bank of Toronto and the Dominion
  6. The Bank of Canada (National)

There are a variety of designations that overseas candidates must possess in order to be considered for employment with Canadian banks, such as

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Experts in artificial intelligence and block chains
  3. Person-to-Person Bankers
  4. Directors of KYC
  5. Those in charge of banking
  6. Designers in Training
  7. Professional with Expertise in Both Investment and Personal Banking
    Actually, Canadian banks provide generous wages to its employees, and practically every position in the banking industry in Canada has an annual salary that is more than $50,000, without including allowances and other benefits. Some examples of these salaries and benefits include the following:

A Human Resources Assistant can expect to make between $55,543 and $60,130 per year in salary.
The salary range for a Finance Agent is $3,723 to $4,559 per month.

Positions Available in the Canadian Government

You will be glad to know that the Canadian government actually has a dedicated jobs board page from which you can explore their thousands of job openings at any time and apply online, along with that, you can also look for jobs in any of thes professions which are rare to find in Canada. Now this is a very attractive section of this article because I think most of you would actually get captured by the Canadian government in various of their departments if you got qualifications in those professions which are rare to find in Canada.

  1. Health Care in the Transportation Sector
  2. Banking in Canada (Canada)
  3. The Canadian Police Forces
  4. The Canadian Fire Department
    Now, if you are interested in submitting your CV or resume for a job with the Canadian government in 2024, you need to go to the official website of the Canadian government, search for the position, fill out the online application, and submit it to the Canadian government for review. Only then will your application be taken into consideration.
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Employment Opportunities in the Canadian Aviation Sector

Since air travel resumed after the pandemic, the Canadian aerospace industry has also been experiencing skilled staff shortages. Because of this, the minister of Canadian public services, Helena Jaczek, on behalf of the Canadian employment minister announced funding of over $39 million for the SWSP program, which is intended to revive the aviation and aerospace industries in Canada and train the workforce (Ref.

You can easily find a high paying job in Canada with work visa sponsorship, and if you ask me where you should look for these jobs, here are some of the top Canadian aviation sector companies:

  1. Aviation company Adlair
  2. Aviation Company of Adler
  3. Air Canad Air Inuit Air Spray Air Spray Canad Air Inuit

The Canadian aviation industry provides employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields, including the following:

  1. Aviation Servicing and Repairs Engineers
  2. Officers in charge of screening
  3. Planner of the Crew
    Workers in Canadian Aviation get generous compensation, including roles such as Aircraft Tow Operator and Traveler assistance Agent.

The hourly wage range for a Screening Officer is between $18.93 and $21.52 dollars.
An annual compensation of $60,450 is considered to be the norm for an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.
An annual income of $44,275 is considered to be the National Average for a Crew Scheduler.
A Flight Attendant in Canada can expect to earn a yearly income of $45,533 dollars.