Free Muslim Student Scholarships 2024 to Study Abroad

I’ve found a lengthy list of completely financed foreign scholarships for 2024–2025 admissions to top US, European, British, and Asian universities for my Muslim student audience.

If you have good grades and want to enroll in any BS, MS, or Phd degree program in 2024, then you must start preparing your scholarship application documents and read this article until the end to discover all scholarship options for you in the coming months. Non-Muslim students may also apply for these scholarships.

Fully Funded Scholarships for Muslim Students in 2024

As a result, I have conducted research on the many scholarships that are made accessible to Muslim students in a variety of countries and have compiled a list of the most prestigious scholarships for Muslims. The following is a list of all of the scholarships that are made available to Muslim students:

Scholarships offered by the Islamic Development Bank

IsDB addresses human resource development needs through its scholarship offerings to Muslim students. However, you need to make sure that your country is an active member of IsDB in order to be eligible for their scholaarships, which are provided for undergraduate degrees, Masters Degrees, and PhDs in particular fields of study. If your country is not an active member of IsDB, you will not be eligible for their scholarships. Islamic Development Bank recognizes the importance of human resources for the advancement of society and the sustainability of societies.

The Islamic Development Bank offers Muslim students scholarships that include a monthly stipend in addition to tuition costs, the cost of medical care, and flights. Students who are awarded the scholarships are required to enroll in public universities in their home countries; however, if the subject of study that most interests them is not offered, they are allowed to seek admission to colleges in other member nations that have an agreement with the bank.

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The Islamic Scholarship Foundation

This scholarship will help students in the United States who are pursuing studies in one of many specific majors. This Islamic scholarship fund was founded to boost the participation of American Muslims in politics as well as the media. The fund gives support to students who are Muslims or who come from members of Muslim Communities in the United States. Students need to be citizens of the United States or permanent residents of the United States in order to be eligible for this Islamic scholarship. Furthermore, they need to be enrolled in a degree program at a recognized institution in the United States that includes an ISF-supported major.

The Islamic Scholarship Fund awards a set maximum amount every student via the scholarship that it gives, but in addition to this, the Islamic Scholarship Fund also provides film scholarships, congressional internships, and fellowships in keeping with its objective.

Scholarships offered by the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (OCIS)

You are eligible for this scholarship if you are a student at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, which is an autonomous institution housed inside the University of Oxford. If you want to pursue further education at Oxford University on a stipend, then this opportunity is just up your alley. Additionally, this Oxford scholarship pays for the entire cost of tuition as well as providing a stipend to help cover living costs for the term of the program.

The only people who are eligible to apply for these scholarships are students who will be beginning a full-time master’s or doctoral program at the center. Aside from these benefits, an Oxford scholarship is only awarded to students who are currently residing in certain countries and who intend to return to their home country after they have completed their education. All of these scholarships are awarded solely on the basis of merit.

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Scholarships provided by the Aziz Foundation

All of these are provided to British Muslims who want to uplift society through community development and better representation in society, so basically this foundation helps them through scholarships if they are having difficulty financing higher studies. The Aziz Foundation offers scholarships to British Muslims, and these scholarships are offered for Full time postgrad Degrees in the UK. The scholarships provide 100% tuition fee support.

In addition to offering general scholarships for master’s degrees, the foundation also has a preferred partner scheme through which it awards scholarships in specific fields of study at its partner universities. These partner universities include Regent’s Park College, St. the Edmund’s College University of Cambridge, City University of London, University of Sussex, University of St. Andrews, and Aston University Birmingham. Other partner universities include the University of St. Andrews and the University of St. Andrews.

Scholarship Program offered by the King Faisal Foundation

Scholarships are made available by the King Faisal Foundation to Muslim students all over the world who demonstrate academic excellence. These scholarships are intended to provide students with the financial support necessary to continue their education in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine at various levels, including undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Under the auspices of the King Faisal Foundation, students who choose to continue their studies at institutions may now apply for King Faisal scholarships, which I feel obligated to highlight.

This king faisal foundation’s scholarship program has as its overarching goal the improvement of the economic and social conditions of Muslim nations. Students who meet the requirements may apply for financial aid in the form of scholarships.

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Scholarships for the MAX Program

These scholarships are awarded to Muslim students who demonstrate outstanding performance in university or high school and have contributed to their school. The goal of the Muslim Awards for Excellence, or MAX, is to raise the status of Muslims in Canada by recognizing their accomplishments and inspiring them.

The MAX Foundation awards scholarships to high school students as well as postgraduate students studying a variety of disciplines, including the arts and business, science and engineering, humanitarian and medical studies. Students in Canada have access to a diverse range of scholarship opportunities via a variety of organizations.

Scholarships offered by the Muslim Educational Trust

This is a trust that has been established for Indian Muslims. Their scholarships are awarded to students so that they may take admission in institutions to prepare for Civil Service Examinations or get enrolled in universities of repute while their awardees are expected to participate in community development after completing their degree or educational program. This organization provides financial assistance through its scholarships in order to improve the social and economic conditions of minorities for the sake of the prosperity of the nation.

Scholarships provided by the Fadel Educational Foundation

The Fadel Educational Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established by the Fadel Family. Its primary mission is to support and encourage American Muslims who are interested in pursuing higher education by providing them with financial assistance. Additionally, the foundation awards scholarships to American Muslims.

This foundation has assisted a large number of Muslim students in the United States up until this point. As a result, students receive the award for one year, after which they must apply again in order to receive the award for subsequent years of their degree. The tuition fee for their degree is covered by these fadel scholarships, which range from up to $10,000 and cover the cost of their degree.