African Student Scholarship Program MINDS Fully Funded 2023

Outstanding African students who want to pursue postgraduate studies (master’s and PhD) at particular African universities can apply for the MINDS Scholarship, which offers financial aid. A network of academic institutions in Africa that offers academic programs centred on development practice is known as MINDS (Mandela Institute for Development Studies).

The scholarship pays students tuition, housing, living expenses, and travel costs throughout the program of study. A budget for books, supplies, and other academic costs is also included.

The goal of the MINDS Scholarship program is to give African students the chance to get the information and skills they need to contribute to the growth of their nations and the continent as a whole. Additionally, it aims to advance social responsibility,

The MINDS Scholarship Program

With tremendous success and excitement, the MINDS Scholarship Programme for Leadership Development in Africa was introduced in 2017. The program was created to help us reach our objective of creating young leaders capable of fostering greater collaboration between African countries and who have a pan-African development mindset.

The scholarship gives African students the chance to study in an African nation other than their own, giving them the chance to become fully immersed in the nation’s rich and varied cultures. By widening access to education, they hope to increase people’s receptivity to new ideas and build a community of like-minded leaders who can advance our continent. Africa’s economic integration with the world economy will surely spur growth, result in favourable consequences, and be advantageous.

Characteristics that help the applicant stand out for the MINDS Scholarship

Academic excellence: Candidates with outstanding academic records are highly valued. They should have a strong academic background and show evidence of academic potential and intellectual curiosity.

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Leadership potential: Candidates who  have demonstrated leadership qualities and have taken on leadership roles in their  communities , schools, or workplaces are highly regarded.

Commitment to community service: Candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to community service and have  volunteered in their  communities or participated in initiatives that benefit their communities are highly valued.

Professional experience: Candidates who have relevant professional experience and have worked in fields related to development practice are highly regarded.

Passion for development: Candidates who have a strong passion for  development and a desire  to contribute to the development of their countries and the African continent are highly valued.

Interpersonal skills: Candidates who have strong interpersonal skills and are able to work well  with others are  highly regarded.

Applying for the MINDS Scholarship in 2023

To apply for the MINDS Scholarship, you must first be accepted into one of this preferred universities.  The preferred universities in each Africa countries include:


African Leadership University, Rwanda

Carnegie Mellon University in Rwanda, Rwanda

Makerere University, Uganda

Strathmore University, Kenya


African Leadership University, Mauritius

University of Cape Town, South Africa

University of Mauritius, Mauritius

University of Witwatersrand, South Africa


Al Akhawayn University, Morocco

Université Cadi Ayyad, Morocco

Université Mohammed V, Morocco


Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Ghana

Pan-Atlantic University (Lagos Business School), Nigeria

University of Development Studies, Ghana

Once you have received official acceptance from one of these  universities , you can submit your application for the scholarship.

To apply, please click on this link provided by MINDS and complete the application form. Make sure you provide all the required information and supporting documents. Applications will be processed in the order they are received, so it is important to submit your application as soon  as  possible after receiving official acceptance from your preferred university.

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The MINDS Scholarship selection committee will review all applications and select candidates based on their academic achievements ,  leadership  potential, commitment to community service, and other criteria. If you are selected,  you will be notified by  email and asked to provide additional information.

If you have any questions or  need further information, you can visit the MINDS website or  contact them directly via email.

Qualifications for the MINDS Scholarship

Interested applicants that want to apply for a MINDS Scholarship, must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold citizenship in an African country and reside in any African nation.
  • Have received official acceptance from one or more of MINDS’ preferred institutions located outside your country of citizenship or residency.
  • Have been formally accepted by one or more MINDS preferred institution/s to pursue postgraduate studies within the next year.
  • Have achieved a minimum of 70% in each subject/ course in the last two completed years of study.
  • Demonstrate evidence of leadership abilities or potential by answering the questions/requirements provided in the application form.
  • Submit a complete online application form with all the required supporting documentation.

Document need for Mind Scholarship

The following documents are required for a complete application:

  1. a copy of the data/bio page of your passport
  2. a certified academic transcript/results slip from the last two years of study
  3. a copy of the official acceptance letter from the university. The letter must be addressed to the applicant, state the degree  which the applicant has been  accepted to study , the academic year at which the degree will commence and the duration of the course
  4. a copy of a valid study permit or visa, or proof of application (optional)
  5. a detailed CV/Resume not exceeding four single-sided pages
  6. two reference letters, each not exceeding three pages, addressing the applicant’s demonstration of integrity, competency and/or potential as a leader, and their commitment to the development of the African continent
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MINDS Application Guidelines

1. Be sure to review all of the requirements and submit all necessary documents, as incomplete or ineligible applications will not be considered. Take the time to gather all the  required information before submitting your  application to avoid disqualification.

2. We are seeking candidates who possess a Pan-African perspective, demonstrate strong leadership potential,  and have a history of academic excellence. It’s important that your application persuasively reflects these qualities.

3. We encourage applicants to consider universities outside of South Africa, as  the majority of applications we receive are for South African institutions, and competition for those scholarships is high. However, two scholarships are available specifically for South African citizens wishing to study elsewhere in Africa.

4. We have reserved scholarships for students pursuing Actuarial Sciences, Business Sciences, and Accounting at the universities in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria on our preferred list. If you’re interested in these fields of study, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria before submitting your application to avoid rejection.

MINDS Scholarship Benefits

The MINDS Scholarship provides a comprehensive package of benefits that supports the successful completion of your studies. These benefits include coverage for tuition fees, accommodation, and meals. In addition, the scholarship provides a return ticket for the duration of your studies, allowing you to travel home or visit loved ones. You will also receive a fixed stipend to support your daily living expenses, ensuring that you can focus on your studies and achieve your goals.

Type of Scholarships

MINDS Scholarship Program is tailored to support individuals pursuing Master’s degree programs at selected universities across Africa.

Scholarship invitation duration

Once you have submitted your scholarship application, MINDS will send you an email confirming your application receipt and within two months they will confirm your application status if you are qualify or eligible for the scholarship.

For further  information or enquiries about the MINDS Scholarship, kindly visit the official website source.