Tanzania Police Force Vacancies, October 2023

The Chief of the Tanzania Police Force announces job vacancies for those who have completed mafunzo ya kujenga Taifa (JKT) & Kujenga Uchumi (JKU), both within and outside the camps, with qualifications ranging from Degree, Diploma, Certificate, Form Six, and Form Four.

The Tanzania Police Force was officially established on August 25, 1919 by an English Government announcement from the Gazette No.Vol.1 No.21-2583 at that time it was called the Tanganyika Police Force. But the army was legally established by the Police Force Act of 1939 [THE POLICE FORCE AND AUXILIARY SERVICES ACT OF 1939) PRINCIPAL LEGISLATION. The Headquarters of the Army according to the announcement was in Lushoto District in Tanga Region under the leadership of Major S.T Davis. Later in 1921, a group of Police Inspectors from Europe arrived in Tanganyika and established a specialized police training school in Morogoro Region, which met their needs and found enough professional soldiers. Despite having black soldiers who trained, but still those soldiers remained with low positions in the police because all the top positions were given to white soldiers. The Chief of the Police Force is announcing employment opportunities for young graduates training of the Nation Building Force (JKT) and the Economy Building Force (JKU), those present in the camps and outside the camps with a Fourth Form education, Diploma, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Degree.


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